Drug Testing

As a resident of Gratis Living, our number priority is ensuring every resident is safe at all times. So we have implemented drug testing(at resident’s own cost). If a resident is late for curfew without prior approval he/she will be tested. If resident exhibits unsual behavior he/she will be drug tested. If resident looks or smells like he or she has been drinking, they will be asked to take a breathalyzer. At the manager’s discretion, he can take random drug testing without any warning. Each resident that has been asked to submit a urine sample or breathalyzer has exactly one hour to do so or it will considered a positive test and resident will have to vacate premises. If a resident or residents fails a drug test or breathalyzer he or she has an hour to pack all bags and leave the premises. He or she may choose to return after 3 days if they show that they are attending aa/na meetings and have refrained from using drugs/alcohol. Resident will have to pay another move in fee of $380 before they can move back in. We at Gratis Living take drug testing seriously because its the only way we can ensure a safe, calm, clean environment and help others stay sober.

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