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We are a recovery residence, passionately committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing service of the highest quality and supporting the independence and social interaction of all individuals with addictions. Here at Gratis Living, we strive to maintain or improve the quality of life of our residents through addressing their physical, social, and mental needs. Our focus is on creating a supportive and nurturing environment thus enabling each resident to live a more care free and secure day to day life. Our role is to help each person gain self-esteem and learn the skills necessary to become self- sufficient and live independently.


Our Services


We at Gratis Living believe that if you have a great support group you will succeed and move past your addiction and get your life back. Gratis Living is associated with with a AA/NA groups in the Nashville area. We can and will…


Each and every resident will be assessed by our managing director as they come move in. A specific program catered to each individual will be implemented to aid he/she…


As a resident of Gratis Living, our number priority is ensuring every resident is safe at all times. So we have implemented drug testing(at resident’s own cost). If a resident is late for curfew without prior approval he/she will be tested…


Every Wednesday and Sunday of the week, we hold what we call a feelings check in. Four feelings we share are: Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical. All residents are required and it is mandatory for everyone to be present at…

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